Matterhorn Terminal in Täsch

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Châlet Strahlhorn, Wohnung Nr. 7, Wiestibodenweg 70, CH-3920 Zermatt (Switzerland)

You have to park your car in Täsch and change to the shuttle train (every 20 minutes, -->Timetable) to Zermatt. There are enough parking spaces available (cost appx CHF 14.50 per day) The parking is on the right hand side and has direct access to the trains.

On the left side of the main street in Täsch you find private parkings with a 24-H Taxi service to Zermatt. This is very convenient if you arrive late or when you carry a lot of luggage.

If you travel by train you will not have to change in Täsch, the train goes directly to Zermatt.

In Zermatt you change to an electro Taxi and continue to the Bus station "Wiestiboden ".

From the balcony on the south you have an overwhelming view to the Matterhorn.

Electro Bus in Zermatt

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In Zermatt there are 2 bus lines. The line "Bergbahnen" connects the "Klein Matterhorn" with the "Sunnegga" terminal. For the Strahlhorn you need the line "Winkelmatten". A bus time-table is at the entrance of the house. The nearest bus stop is "Wiestiboden".
The bus fare is included in the ski-ticket.

Cable cars:
The cable car to the Klein Matterhorn is very close. 3 bus stops or about 10 minutes to walk. Te train to Gornergrat and the Underground to Sunnegga you reach by bus (appx 15-20 minutes if you walk).

Check-In time is at 3 pm. You will have 3 keys and a key for the letter box at your disposal. Please check that you have all the keys when arriving.

09:30 am. Please leave 2 keys in the apartment, lock the apartment and drop the third key in the locked part of our letter box at the entrance to the house.

Coffee machine:
A coffee machine is available. You need capsules which you can buy at Migros (opposite the ice field).

Electro Taxi

Restaurant Chez Vrony in Findeln (above Zermatt)

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Detailed description [5'294 KB] of the apartment


In Zermatt there are many excellent Restaurants. On the chest between kitchen and living room you find a small folder with business cards from Restaurants we can recommend, but we haven't been to all the Restaurants yet!!! Important: Make a reservation early, fo the very good Restaurants even before you arrive!!

Ther are many dancings, bars and pubs.

There are several doctors in Zermatt. The phone numbers you find near the pone in the appartment.

With the DVD-Recorder you can play the over 150 films [219 KB] (in the cabinet left of the TV).

Link to the Events in Zermatt

Fire place :
If you use the fire place turn the 2 black levers to "AUF" (open), otherwise you will have all the smoke in the apartment. Pull the glass enclosure down for safety reasons.

In the kitchen and the living room you can warm up the floor with a special floor-heating. The switches are at the entrance to the kitchen.

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You rach us by phone on +41 56 664 55 73.

High-Speed Internet (LAN, WLAN a,b,g,n) is available. The PC in the single room can be used.

On the hard disk of the PC you find appx 4'000 songs which you can load on you i-pod (bring your cable).
The washing machine is in the basement. It can be used whenever it is free. You will need coins to start it.

All the lamps (except in the bathrooms) can be dimmed. Keep the on or off button depressed.

At the entrance there is a main switch. You can turn on or off all the ligths except the night lamps, the lamps above the cooking place in the kitchen and the lighting of the wall unit.

The night lamps will not become hot, even if the are on a very long time.

Abfahrt vom Testa Grigia

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The litter can be deposited in the containers at the bus stops "Luchre" or "Winklematten". You
may only use the official bags.

The manuals to tv, DVD-Player, dish-wahser, XBOX, etc. are in a folder near the cheminee. They can also be found on the PC as pdf-file.

Medicine cupboard:

In the medicine cupboard at the entrance to the master bedroom you find some pharmaceuticals (only recipe free).

Matterhorn 2

In the single room there is a PC with Internet connection which can be used free. Hi-Speed LAN and WLAN is available if you bring your laptop.


The Pharmacies are located at Bahnhofstrasse in Zermatt (appx half way between station and church).

The phone number of the apartment is: +41 27 530 07 06. Phone call charges are not included in the rent.
--> Important Phone no [23 KB] .

Im Quartier Winkelmatten

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Rules of the house:
The rules of the house are pubished at the entrance to the house. Important rules: No noise between 10pm and 8 am; no pets allowed; no ski boots on the stairs.

The use of the Sauna has to be adviced to the house keeper (Appt no 5) and has to be paid to him (CHF 12.--/Person).

The nearest bakery and Grocery are opposite the Paperla Pub. Two Restaurants are a 3 minutes walk at the bus stations "Wiestiboden". Big grocery stores (Migros and COOP) are near the ice rink. They are usually also open on sundays (varies).
A List of all the shops/services available: click here.

From Furi you can sledge down to the Restaurant Waldhaus in Winkelmatten (200 m from the appartment)
The official sledge run starts at the station Rotenboden of the Gornergrat railway.

Smoke Detectors:
The Apartment is equipped with 4 smoke detectors (1 in every room, plus living room). They are connected to each other. In case of smoke detection, all of them will sound. The Alarm sound will stop automatically, when no smoke
is detected any more.


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Only on the balcony. Thank you.

The apartment is equipped with a BOSE Surround Sound System. The TV as well as the DVD-Player and the XBOX are connected to it. If you bring your CD's you can only listem them on the Deonon stereos in the bedrooms.

The big flat screen tv is cable connected. You can see appx. 50 channels. There is also a info channel from Zermatt.

X-BOX 360:
The XBOX 360 is underneath the tv (left side). Several games (--> list [63 KB] ) are available.

Das Matterhorn 1

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We wish you nice holidays in Zermatt..

Ronald & Brigitte Som, Fahrweidstrasse 30, CH-5630 Muri

+41 56 664 55 73

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