Getting to Zermatt

Matterhorn Terminal in Täsch

A R R I V I N G   B Y   C A R 

If you arrive by car, you will have to park your your car in Täsch, about 5 Km from Zermatt and take the train to Zermatt. The big covered parking has direct access to the shuttle trains to Zermatt.

Parking und Taxi Service in Täsch

A R R I V I N G   D U R I N G   N I G H T   T I M E 

If you arrive during the night, taxi services are available in Täsch (on the left side of the main street)

-Taxi Alphubel
-Taxi Christophe

A R R I V I N G   B Y   T R A I N 

The train will bring you directly to Zermatt.

Details you will find on:

Electro Taxi

F R O M   T H E   T R A I N   S T A T I O N   T O   T H E   S T R A H L H O R N 

In Zermatt you take a electro taxi (or the bus -->Timetable) to the bus stop "Wiestiboden"

Bushaltestelle "Wiestiboden"

B U S   S T O P   " W I E S T I B O D E N " 

From the bus stop "Wiestiboden" it's a two minutes walk to the Strahlhorn.

S T R A H L H O R N 

Le "Strahlhorn" 

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